Some favourites of 2012

So I decided to put together a list of some of my favourite songs and music videos of 2012. Here there are below : Favourite Songs of 2012: We Are Young- Fun Bad Girls- M.I.A. Dripping Tears- Son Dam Bi Bloom- Ga In She's Bad- Natthew Style- Rania Every Night- EXID I Found You- The… Continue reading Some favourites of 2012


Audrey Hepburn- 5 favourite films

Well, it's that season of the year again. Christmas is only 2 days away! What fun! I got a pleasant surprise from my parents when they informed me that I would be going home again this Christmas. So that means I'll be putting up some posts about The Bahamas soon! (yay!) but in the mean… Continue reading Audrey Hepburn- 5 favourite films

Some of my favourite Etsy stores

Alas, if you have not yet checked out you should get on that asap. It's one of the best sites to go to for unique hand made gifts and amazing fashion. It's like ebay but without all the clutter. Did I mention most of the things are hand made? 😉 naftul  This store has… Continue reading Some of my favourite Etsy stores

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

So I've been without internet since Hurricane Sandy decided she was going to take a stroll through New York. Luckily, I live in an area that's not close to the sea and higher above the ground. So I did not suffer from flooding or things like that. However, I do live in a heavily wooded… Continue reading Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

My top 10 fashion sites to visit.

So some of my friends keep asking me, which fashion sites I love visiting, so I decided I might as well make a list of the top 10 fashion websites/blogs that I visit on a daily basis. So here goes: 1. British Vogue Although no matter which Vogue you look at, they're all amazing, British… Continue reading My top 10 fashion sites to visit.

School Supplies

So, one of the things I love about starting school again in the fall is that you get an excuse to buy the most amazing school supplies ever, and I've gotten some from one of my favourite stores in NY called Morning Glory. They honestly sell the most adorable items in the entire world and… Continue reading School Supplies

An Eventful Day

So I had a day full of some much needed procrastination. I went out with friends and explored Soho (which would be my favourite place in NY if I could afford it and there weren't so many people) Embarrassed myself on the Brooklyn Bridge (I thought someone was my friend, they weren't ... that's all… Continue reading An Eventful Day

How To Get A Boyfriend & or Girlfriend

So, if you saw my previous post, then you know how difficult it can be to get a boyfriend when your face goes like this every time you spot an attractive male:  (I love you Chester!) So, to help all of you out, I've come up with a brilliant method on how to get boyfriends… Continue reading How To Get A Boyfriend & or Girlfriend

My Summer

I recently remembered that I actually took pictures on my last trip back home. I figured with it started to get chilly now as winter is pushing summer aside screaming my turn- that we could all use a few pictures of the beach with all that beautiful sun and sand. So here are some pictures… Continue reading My Summer

Signs of a terrible relationship (or Insanity)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you all to my new boyfriend. His name is: Homework. He keeps me up very late at night indeed and is quite active. One has to have quite a lot of stamina to keep up with such a lively man. I see him 24-7; 7 days a… Continue reading Signs of a terrible relationship (or Insanity)