Saving – An Experiment

My attempt at better spending.


Where have I been?

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here. I really missed blogging especially when I felt like I was sort of starting to get the hang of it all. Unfortunately, I picked the worst time to start my blog again, underestimating just how busy I would be with my first year of… Continue reading Where have I been?

My Trip to Yeosu (여수)

Here are a few pics from a trip to Yeosu(여수) that I took with some friends of mine. I was lucky enough to be invited over to one of my friends' house last year during Chuseok (추석). This is literally one of my favourite cities in Korea, it's on the waterfront and you have the… Continue reading My Trip to Yeosu (여수)

Update & Future Posts

So it's officially been a year since I've updated my blog. Oops. Why the radio silence? Well quite frankly not much has been going on.  Ok, that's a lie, well at least it was, but now it's true. I'm down to my last month in Gwangju and then I'm off to Seoul! However, I've decided… Continue reading Update & Future Posts

New Changes

So, I've totally neglected this blog for the past, oh I dunno 2 years. Alas, I am back! Some changes have occurred since my last few posts. 1. I transferred back to my first school, much larger than the smaller one I had originally transferred to. 2. I also graduated from said school with my Bachelor's degree in… Continue reading New Changes

Audrey Hepburn- 5 favourite films

Well, it's that season of the year again. Christmas is only 2 days away! What fun! I got a pleasant surprise from my parents when they informed me that I would be going home again this Christmas. So that means I'll be putting up some posts about The Bahamas soon! (yay!) but in the mean… Continue reading Audrey Hepburn- 5 favourite films

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

So I've been without internet since Hurricane Sandy decided she was going to take a stroll through New York. Luckily, I live in an area that's not close to the sea and higher above the ground. So I did not suffer from flooding or things like that. However, I do live in a heavily wooded… Continue reading Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

School Supplies

So, one of the things I love about starting school again in the fall is that you get an excuse to buy the most amazing school supplies ever, and I've gotten some from one of my favourite stores in NY called Morning Glory. They honestly sell the most adorable items in the entire world and… Continue reading School Supplies

My On-line Shopping Obsessions

So you know how people tend to go around and window shop to the point where they drive themselves insane? Well I do that myself, only I do it on the internet. I'm pretty sure it's not good for my health, but I'm going to continue doing it anyways! So here are a few of… Continue reading My On-line Shopping Obsessions

The thing about small schools

So I attend a college here in  New York. No, I'm not telling you it's name. All you need to know is that it's small. A lot of people would love small schools and hate them for several reasons. I'll tell you them from personal experience. Reasons to love small schools: 1. They're small. 2.… Continue reading The thing about small schools