Saving – An Experiment

Being a college student means that I have no money. Living in one of the world’s most expensive cities means I definitely don’t have any money. These past two months haven’t been the greatest for me healthwise. Between the doctor’s visit and all of the medication I’ve had to take my financial status has gone from broke to broken. I came to realize that I was spending the money that I do have in a rather excessive way. So to battle this I’ve come up with a solution.

As of this month, after I receive my allowance, I will be limiting my spending of non-necessity items to 5. The rest of it shall go into saving for a new mobile and camera (both of which are ancient and desperately need to be replaced) as well as saving up for a trip to Japan this summer. This means that I will only be spending money on my rent, transportation fees and food.

In order to decrease the amount of money spent on food, I’m coming up with a meal plan so I can have a set shopping list (which I’ll write about in a later post after I’ve completed the meal plan)

So what are the 5 items I’m limiting myself to?

  • A dress for spring (preferably floral)
  • A new pair of jeans
  • A pair of loafers
  • Foundation
  • Dungarees

I’ll take some pictures to upload after I get them. Also, note that I’m not necessarily going to buy all 5 items on the list. I may decide to buy only 2 or 1. (This list just serves as a limitation to what I can get, it doesn’t mean that I have to get the items- just that if I do decide to shop it will be an item or items from this list.)

P.S. Provided I can find a way to connect my camera to my computer or get access to a computer with a micro SD slot I should be able to get some photos up of my recent explorations in Seoul.

See ya next time~


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