New Changes

So, I’ve totally neglected this blog for the past, oh I dunno 2 years. Alas, I am back! 

Some changes have occurred since my last few posts. 

1. I transferred back to my first school, much larger than the smaller one I had originally transferred to. 

2. I also graduated from said school with my Bachelor’s degree in French language and Literature. 

3. I moved out of New York, back to The Bahamas. 

4. I’ve received a full scholarship to go to school in Korea from the Korean govt. (YAY!!!) 

5. I’m moving to South Korea for school. 

So basically, lots have happened in the last two years. Nothing extremely interesting besides French homework, and as much as I would have loved to have written intellectual posts about my love and hatred for Baudelaire and my musings on the various works of Boileau or my very own understanding of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, I was tired of writing about them for classes. 

So, this time I’ll be making a proper effort at maintaining and keeping my blog as well as trying to make sure that it’s interesting for any random people that come upon it. 

I won’t be changing the name. I was considering doing that, but I decided that it’s still just me Sydney regardless of whereI find myself (plus I fancy the name). 

In summary:

Be expecting new things from me, as I’ve got major changes in my life. I’ll be going to Korea in about 2 weeks and will be there for about 3 years. 


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