So, I know I promised that I would upload some pics and what not… and I didn’t. (Mostly because school got crazy super fast, and then also forgetting, and procrastination.) Anyways. That’s not important. Here are the photos around The Bahamas that I took on my last visit home!! ^^ yay!!! 😀 I also have a video that I have yet to actually edit. But I’ll do that this weekend (spring break!)

So when you go to The Bahamas, you have to have conch salad (pronounced: konk NOT consh. no soft sounds, okay. thanks) It is honestly a dish sent down from heaven. It originates from the conch shell which is found in the waters of The Bahamas and other islands as well. The conch is served raw and mixed in with various ingredients such as onions, sweet peppers, goat pepper, lime, etc etc. It’s honestly the best dish you could ever have.

IMG_0662The drink on the side is called a “Bahama Mama” also very good. (mind you it’s alcoholic. just so you know ^^) Make sure you’re not allergic to shellfish before you go ordering the conch salad, although it’s good enough to go into shock for.

Now, I didn’t manage to get anymore pictures of food. I know, I’m a terrible person. I will take some more though when I go back home again this year! So just have patience ❤

However… I did manage to get pictures of places you can go to get this beautiful dish known as the conch salad from!! If you go to Arawak Cay, you will find more than enough restaurants that will offer authentic and extremely delicious bahamian dishes. My favourite place to go to however is this one:


Curly‘s Restaurant & Bar. They’re under new management and really worth checking out! The food is amazing and the prices are excellent! So go check it out 😀

Also, you will find several stalls like the ones below that make conch fresh, right in front of you along with various drinks!



Also, here are some other restaurants that you can check out that have great Bahamian food as well, and in some cases live music!



Now what you’re all really waiting for: The beach!! That’s the reason people go to The Bahamas right! What would be the point of writing about The Bahamas and not having pictures of the beach! Plus, this might help those out who are suffering from the cold weather like myself.

IMG_0654 IMG_0694 IMG_0693 IMG_0686

Oh look at all that glorious sea and that soft sand! As you can see we have a lot of cruise ships that come in. Some of the cruises come in for about three days, others for only one day. I believe that cruises can be a great idea, but not for when you really want to see the country. After all, three days is not enough to see what a place truly has to offer and to discover all of its wonderful magic. Hence, in my opinion if you’re considering visitin The Bahamas try to come directly, and stay for about 5 days or more in a local hotel. Explore the island and get to meet the people and eat true Bahamian food. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Even better than that, if you can, go to the outer islands as well. I’m particularly biased to Abaco (because it’s where my family is from) but it truly is one of the most gorgeous islands in The Bahamas. It’s less populated than Nassau, but you still would get that city feel without it being so crowded. Just try not to limit yourself to one island, after all The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and cays!!


That’s all for now on The Bahamas~! I will however right a post on food and drinks to get if you do decide to visit The Bahamas and also places to go besides the typical tourist locations! 😀




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