Some of my favourite Etsy stores

Alas, if you have not yet checked out you should get on that asap. It’s one of the best sites to go to for unique hand made gifts and amazing fashion. It’s like ebay but without all the clutter. Did I mention most of the things are hand made? 😉


This store has handmade indie clothing by Nataly Elian and is one of my absolute favourite stores ❤ all of the clothes. The clothes are simple and yet, they can make a statement.


This store has knitted clothing pieces for both men and women by Yael Scharaby. A lot of it is outerwear, but it’s simplicity in the designs is what makes it breathtaking.


This has got to be the most romantic clothing line on all of It makes me feel like I’m stepping back in time and for all of you lovers of the romantic style of dress, this store is perfect.


Vintage bags, clothing need I say more? All of the items in this store will make you step out in style without being too ostentatious. I just stumbled upon this store a few weeks ago and it instantly became one of my favourites.


Some of the best outwear selections available on etsy. Loads of colour, tons of fabric, and simple designs make for an amazing selection of clothing!


Simplicity at its best. This store has some of the most gorgeous clothing. It’s a store to check out when you’re looking for that comfortable yet stylish outfit for hopping around town in.


The TopShop of etsy. They have everything from shoes, to dresses, to coats and much much more. Remember, it’s the TopShop of etsy, so you’ll definitely want to check it out!


Some of the most interesting clothes I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel as if I’m looking through a MarcJacobs catalogue.


This was one of the first stores I favourited when I found out about etsy. They have all vintage clothes and they’re simply gorgeous. About every month or so there tends to be a new income of stock, so check in with them on a regular basis. You’re going to love what you’ll find.


If TopShop and Urban Outfitters got together and had a baby, this would be the baby. It’s edgy style helps to give that urban feel and who doesn’t love studs and jeans jackets?


Ultimate street fashion store. Amazing. Gorgeous. Clothing with superb detail. Just check it out.

These are only a few of my favourite stores on etsy and it would be too much if I tried to put half of them on here. if you want to see the rest of my favourites follow me on etsy:



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