Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

So I’ve been without internet since Hurricane Sandy decided she was going to take a stroll through New York. Luckily, I live in an area that’s not close to the sea and higher above the ground. So I did not suffer from flooding or things like that. However, I do live in a heavily wooded area and had several trees fall down around my apartment (but luckily not on it), however some of my neighbours were not as fortunate.

I have some pictures of the damage that took place around various areas of Queens. Please know that the damage is even worse in places like Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey and any of the locations near the water. If you can, please donate to those who were severely hit by the storm. You can donate money or food because even now many people are still without homes or electricity, and with another storm on its way tomorrow, we can only imagine the pain they are and will be going through.


Below are just a few shots of the damage that I took around Queens.



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