My top 10 fashion sites to visit.

So some of my friends keep asking me, which fashion sites I love visiting, so I decided I might as well make a list of the top 10 fashion websites/blogs that I visit on a daily basis. So here goes:

1. British Vogue

Although no matter which Vogue you look at, they’re all amazing, British Vogue will always be my favourite along with French Vogue. Although I must say I do prefer having the actual paper copy in my hand so I can take the advertisements out and put them all over my wall.

2. Refinery29

Honesty, if you’ve never heard of this site before until just reading this post, you need to get on it asap. Sign up for their emails and check the site regularly. Although I can guarantee that after just one visit it’s what you’ll be doing anyways.

3. Asos

I absolutely love this site. It’s an online clothing store with a looks and trends section, they have a discussion section and you can not only just buy clothes but you can also SELL clothes online from their site! How awesome is that?! Make sure you’re shopping in the store for your region though, they have both a US and UK set up going on.


I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon this amazing site of fashionable goodness, but I know that it was sometime in January when my enlightenment happened. This store is amazing. They even have an APP! and yes, it’s free. You get to put together your own outfits from their clothing selections, you get to add these outfits to your favourites! Plus, they sell designer clothing for up to 70% off! It may still be a little pricey for a mere college student to afford, but who says I can’t look?

5. Jak & Jil

So this one I saw randomly in the computer lab at school. A guy was on it and all I saw were amazing photos and for a second I thought it was the Satorialist but I realised it wasn’t. Then when he (finally) scrolled up to the top so I could inconspicuously peer over his shoulder to read the title I was hooked by the name. Therefore, Jak & Jil has to be added to this list. You must go to their site now, and fall in love as did I . Plus, they have a tumblr too!

6. The Satorialist

Now this is the crème de la crème of the lot. I honestly love this site. I first found out about it from a great friend of mines in 2010 and as such, we have made it our mission in life to one day be one of those people you see on The Satorialist’s blog or even the book. Yes. There’s a book! How amazing is that?! It’s like heaven every flip of the page.

7. Fashion TV

The best place to get your fix for Fashion Week! You can watch full videos of fashion shows on their website, and get to see some backstage action! If you haven’t already check out Pucci Spring 2013. To die for! My favourite collection thus far! They also have a youtube channel! So subscribe to that while you’re at it too!

8. Milan Fashion Week

You didn’t think I’d stop there with the Fashion Week websites did you? Nope! For those of us who unfortunately cannot afford to fly across the globe every fashion week and see all of the amazing designers collection while sitting in the front row next to the likes of Keira Knightley or other amazing people, this is the next best thing.

9. BeautyLish

Once again my memory as to how I stumbled upon an amazing site such as this one is unknown, but I know one thing, I love this site. You can subscribe to their emails and they also have tumblr and twitter! Oh lala~!

10. Anna Dello Russo

Love love love! Honestly, this site is crazy! It’s almost as if you were looking into a vogue magazine that they’re putting together, and it’s not complete yet. It’s as if you’re at that stage when you’re putting together a collaboration of work to talk about. It’s like all of those pictures you have scattered around your wall and it’s been place into a computer and thus, the awesome result of Anna Dello Russo’s site comes about.


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