School Supplies

So, one of the things I love about starting school again in the fall is that you get an excuse to buy the most amazing school supplies ever, and I’ve gotten some from one of my favourite stores in NY called Morning Glory. They honestly sell the most adorable items in the entire world and makes me feel like Peter Pan and never want to grow up. So I bought a homework diary and a set of colourful pens and a tape measurer. 


The thing I love most about the diary is that it has a section for me to put down what it is I’ve bought and allows me to record how much money I’m spending on a monthly basis, plus I get to write in the dates, which means that I can choose not to use it for a month or two, and then use it again without having to follow the strict format of a regular homework diary. Plus it’s adorable. So enough said there. 



Oh yea, and the link to Morning Glory’s online store is:

I’m not sure all of their locations, but I know they only have one in NYC in Flushing. They apparently had one in Manhattan but that closed down, so it’s only the one in Flushing now (one of my favourite places in NY). 


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