My On-line Shopping Obsessions

So you know how people tend to go around and window shop to the point where they drive themselves insane? Well I do that myself, only I do it on the internet. I’m pretty sure it’s not good for my health, but I’m going to continue doing it anyways!

So here are a few of the various fashion sites I absolutely love going on. Not all of them are in English mind you, but they are all amazing!

No. 1 Site for me:

I absolutely love everything about this site except for one thing. The shoes. The shoes only go up to a size 250. Sometimes a 255. In Korean I wear a size 270-280. (size 8-9UK;10-11 US). 275 being my perfect size. It seems in Korea, most of the shoes only go up to 250. That means when I plan on going there in the future, I’m going to have to carry lots of my own shoes. But anyways, enough complaining about how I can’t fit into their amazing shoes. Their clothing is what I love the most. They have a huge variety of the various types of clothing they offer. They’ve got clothes that are very fitted, clothes that are more loose, and various other things.(I will totally be getting this dress!)  Plus their accessories are AMAZING. So go check them out. I mean it.

Oh yea, and they even have their own make up line. Amazing!!!

No 2. Dark Victory

So one of my friends from Korea told me that it’s the same people who own StyleNanda who created Dark Victory. I would have Dark Victory as my number 1 site but I can’t understand half of what the site says (I’ve only just finally mastered hangeul and it takes me forever and a day to translate). Dark Victory in my opinion brings about a more sophisticated and expensive feel. (although both sites give that, just in my opinion this one does it more so)

No 3. Nasty Gal

Okay, so this HAD to be at least in my top 5. This site it sick. Plus it carries shoes in my size. But besides that it carries clothes that are to die for. No literally. If I were to win a shopping spree for this place, I’d probably go mental. Just saying.

No. 4. YesStyle

Oh how I love you YesStyle. I go on this site just about every day. I have almost 200 items on my saved items list with this site. The best part? When you join the site you’re automatically an Elite Club Member, how awesome is that?!! So you get a discount from the usual retail price of whatever it is you’re buying. Then each time you buy something you get one StyleBuck for every American Dollar you’ve spent and you have to get 499 StyleBucks then get to be an Elite Club Silver Member!! (that means you’re eligble for a 5% discount!!) So awesome. Plus, I can sometimes find shoes in my size on this site!!! So cool!!! Also, their bags are sick. I mean it.So are their wallets, and all those other amazing items they sell!!

No. 5. Urban Outfitters

No list would be complete without an Urban Outfitters somewhere on it! Like they sell various brands and have AMAZING sales. I honestly love Urban Outfitters, but I have to agree with my friends that they can be really too expensive. Especially when you’re on a college student‘s budget. Albeit an international college student, then you have even less money. (especially when you only get paid once a month from the college jobs)


Okay. This shop right here is one of the reasons I stalk Soho. I take a 2 hour train ride just about every other weekend just so I can torment myself and go to this store. However, since I’m at home I stalk their online store constantly thinking of Soho. Plus, if you go into their actual store, and you’re a student you get a 10% discount!! One of the best things about TOPSHOP? Well, they have a section not only for petite people like they do in most stores but they have a section for Tall women!!  And the sizes are from 0 and up!! So I can finally find clothes that are long enough and small enough!! ^^ I’m so happy!! I’m going to be going there when I get back to school to buy myself some jeans!! ^^ Also, they have shoes for people with big feet like myself 😀

Oh, and they’re like UrbanOutfitters, when they have a sale it’s sick! Honestly the things you can find!! And when the summer is almost up and their trying to get rid of things to make room for their winter stock!!! Omo!! =D

No 7. Uniqlo

Okay, so this store, I adore. I don’t really go on their online site as much, but I do to their physical store every change I get. I love this store for mostly basics. Clothing that you can pair with other items to make an outfit truly pop. They have everything here, from underwear to coats, and dresses, leggings, stockings. You name it they’ve got it!! The best part about Uniqlo is that they really do make clothes for everyone. I don’t have much of a problem finding things in my size at this store, and things that are long enough so they actually fit!! Plus, they have this awesome heat technology thing, so you can be extra warm in the winter without having to walk around like the abominable snow man. 😀

So that’s it for now. <3! So make sure check some of these places out!! If not ALL. okay 😉


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