The thing about small schools

So I attend a college here in  New York. No, I’m not telling you it’s name. All you need to know is that it’s small. A lot of people would love small schools and hate them for several reasons.

I’ll tell you them from personal experience.

Reasons to love small schools:

1. They’re small.

2. You have small classes. This is because there aren’t a ton of people here. The most I’ve ever had in a class at my school is about 15 or so.

3. You get to know almost everyone at the school. With larger schools, you don’t really get to know everyone save your select group of friends.

4. Everyone knows you. Even the people you don’t know. It kind of makes you feel special you know?

5. It gives the true feeling of a community.


Now, reasons to hate small schools.

1. They’re small. This can be frustrating because it’s so enclosed and tiny, and can leave you wanting more.

2. You have small classes. Although this can be great, especially with the whole one on one thing. This can be annoying if there are people you don’t like in your class. Plus, if you miss a day, your teacher WILL notice.

3. You know too many people you don’t want to know. Because you know everyone, this will also mean you will know people you dislike.

4. People you don’t even know know you. It makes you feel special, but paranoid at the same time. You start to think… why do these people know me? Are people talking about me?? Who the heck is that person? Did I “talk” to them while I was drunk last night? I hope I didn’t tell them my life story…again…OMG! what did I tell them and so on…

5. The community thing.Yea.  Not working out too well. Know why? That community happens to be high school. A small school is just like high school all over again. You have the cliques and all the drama and gossip which spreads like wild fire. Ugh.


So there you have it. The pro’s and con’s of attending a small school.

Hope this helped. 😉

My next posts will be about spring trends, things people wear in college and SHOULDN’T wear, and the best places to go to in NY for vintage clothes without the vintage price, and some other random post.




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